Millions have been planted – and there’s a touching reason

Millions of daisy seeds are being sown in Liverpool to pay tribute to gay teenager Michael Causera decade after his murder.

Michael, who was openly gay, was brutally attacked as he slept at a house party in 2008 – and died a few days later following brain surgery.

Following his death, a charity was set up by the 18-year-old’s family which supports Liverpool’s LGBT community with things like education, motivation and accommodation and to honour their “little sweetheart”.

Today, in the city centre’s Liverpool Parish Church – also known as St Nicks – organisers from the charity joined members of the church to plant daisy seeds ahead of the 10th anniversary of Michael’s death. Daisies were Michael’s favourite flower.

His parents, Mike and Marie, were present at a planting ceremony along with Reverend Crispin Pailing, assistant priest Bill Addy and church warden Roger Merchant.

Eventually, the group hopes that daisy seeds can be planted around Liverpool in tribute to Michael.

Rector of Liverpool Reverend Crispin Pailing said: “I am so pleased that our church is able to support Michael’s parents and the Michael Causer Foundation in being part of his ongoing legacy.

“The planting of these daisy seeds is in part a symbol of our support of everyone in society no matter their faith, gender, sexuality, race or background.

“Today we remember Michael and will again when these seeds blossom into beautiful daisies reminding us of our human rights of dignity, acceptance and inclusivity.”

Michael Causer Foundation chair Steve Macfarlane said: “Today’s planting of seeds of Michael’s favourite flower in his memory, are sown with love, compassion and heartfelt inclusivity.

“Thank you to Marie and Mike Causer, fellow trustees and the LGBT and straight communities for their long-standing and continued support for Michael’s legacy.”

How can you get involved?

If you want to plant daisy seeds in Michael’s name, please contact Steve MacFarlane at or via Twitter @MichaelCauserFn

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