Michael’s parents, Mike and Marie Causer, joined hundreds of friends, family & VIPs at the 7th Vigil to celebrate Michael’s life and commemorate the anniversary of his death. All present made their own pledge to stand up against LGBT Hate Crime.

A fantastic crowd gathered in Temple Square on Sunday teatime to join Michael’s family and his partner, George, in remembering Michael, seven years to the day since he lost his battle to survive the appalling injuries that were inflicted on him in a heinous homophobic hate crime.

Speakers including the Right Worshipful Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Tony Concepcion; Merseyside’s Police & Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy; Asst Chief Constable, Ian Pilling; Cllr Ann O’Byrne, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool; Father John Williams; Jacqui Gavin, Vice Chair of A:Gender; Emma Baldry of Liverpool Pride and Gary Millar, Chair of the Michael Causer Foundation, all spoke to the golden thread of “Love is No Crime” to encourage all local people to stand up against all forms of hate crime. The hashtag #ImMichaelsMate was quickly trending locally on social media!

Light entertainment was provided by Steve MacFarlane accompanied by the Liverpool Signing Choir, whose interpretation of M People’s “Proud” can be seen here

For some highlights of yesterday’s events and previous Vigils over the past 8 years – see this video link, courtesy of Vickie-Marie Gaynor

Our sincere thanks are also offered to the following people and organisations without whose help, the Vigil would not have been possible:

Mike and Marie Causer and the Causer Family

The Lady Mayoress of Liverpool, Ann Concepcion

The Junior Lord Mayor, James Murphy

CBRE Ltd, managing agents of Temple Square;

Falconer Chester Hall architects – for use of their premises;

The Liverpool Signing Choir;

Steve MacFarlane;

Paul Scanlon, CEO of CDP Print Management;

Regenda Group’s Community Wellbeing Apprentices, ably led by Tam Hardman; 

Liverpool One Bridewell’s Paul Fitzgerald – for his techy muso savvy; 

All our VIP guest speakers; and

The Trustees of the Michael Causer Foundation, past and present.

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