The University of Liverpool’s Pole Dancing Society raised £1,810 for the Michael Causer Foundation at an extravaganza it hosted with over 150 guests at Mountford Hall, Liverpool on Friday 26th February.

Pole Dancing Extravaganza raises over £1,800 for Michael Causer Foundation

Article by Cheryl Chan, University of Liverpool journalism student – edited by Stuart St V Fitzgerald

On 26th Feb, The University of Liverpool’s Pole Dance Society hosted a Pole Dancing Showcase to raise funds for the LGBT community. All proceeds from the show, at a total amount about £1,810, will be donated to the Michael Causer Foundation.

See Steven Dyer’s debut performance here

The event took place in Mountford Hall in the University of Liverpool and lasted about 3 hours. After more than three months’ preparation, the Society was delighted that over 150 people attended to show their interest in professional pole dancing and support for the Michael Causer Foundation and the Society. In addition to the Society’s own members, another 18 professional pole acts were invited as special guests for the show.

Of the event’s popularity, the Chief Executive of Michael Causer Foundation, Stuart St V Fitzgerald said, ‘We were proud to be the charity chosen by the Pole Dance Society and we are delighted to support this spectacular event which is sure to challenge and redress some of the stereotypes around pole-dancing as a pastime and showcase its value as a fitness regimen.’

‘The money raised from this event will primarily support our work in assisting vulnerable young LGBT people in need of accommodation in Liverpool. It should be recognised that in the UK, one in every four homeless people is from the LGBT community. We hope to build a support structure for such young people.”

Stuart also expressed the Foundation’s hopes to collaborate with more of the University’s societies in organising more activities and events to support the Foundation’s fundraising efforts: ‘So far we are not connected to the LGBT Society on the campus, but I think it will be a good opportunity for us to discuss and explore with them how we might work together in the future.’

Jenna Davidson, the President and Advertising Director of the Pole Dancing Society, said after the showcase, ‘It was nice to see hard work pay off! We had so many people turn up on the night to watch, which wasn’t expected. Despite all the stress in the build up to it, the show went amazing well! I am glad that the public could see the efforts we made. Also we are glad that we could help to raise money for Michael Causer Foundation.’

When being asked why the society chose Michael Causer Foundation, she said, ‘The Michael Causer Foundation stood out to us from many local LGBT charities, because it aims to provide education, motivation and accommodation for young LGBT people, challenging injustice and prejudice against the LGBT community. We really hope the University will get behind us and support us in raising as much awareness, not just for the MCF but also LGBT community, which also coincides with LGBT History month.’

Some great photographs from the event are below:

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