Michael Causer was just 18 when he was cruelly taken from us just because he was gay. The foundation created in his name, focus on activities around Education, Motivation and Accommodation in support of young LGBTQ+ 16-25 year olds.

A big thank you to Marie, Mike and Debbie Causer for joining trustees,and several friends to plant daisy seeds in memory of their son/brother Michael. Particularly pleased that our Chief Constable Serena Kennedy and Rector of Liverpool Rev Dr Crispin Pailing were also able to join us. Thanks also due to Rev Dr Crispin Pailing and Liverpool Parish Church for letting us plant in the gardens.

Do contact us on messenger (on facebook) or via steve@michaelcauser.com if you would like to receive some of our seed packs (UK only). We appreciate those who can support us with our can campaigns via www.VirginMoneyGiving.com/fund/MCF-nomorehate