Twenty miles outside of Liverpool stands a caravan that’s intended to provide a safe haven for LGBT+ people.

The Michael Causer Foundation secured funding and access to the caravan as part of their ongoing mission to provide safe spaces and accommodation for LGBT+ young people in the North West.

A trustee for the charity announced their new caravan scheme at a vigil in memory of Michael Causer on Monday, August 2.

The caravan, which is based at an undisclosed location 90 minutes outside of Liverpool by car or public transport, will provide a safe haven for young LGBT+ people seeking respite away from the city.

Any young person who is struggling in any capacity, no matter of preference, sexuality, gender identity, or expression, who feels the need to get out of their current environment for a couple of days can get in touch with us.

“We will put them up in the caravan for however long they may need it.

“We want to create safe spaces for young LGBT+ people and maintain them, to make sure those people have safe accommodation.”

Words taken from the Liverpool Echo

Anyone wanting to know more about our caravan can reach us on