On Friday 22nd July from 9.30pm to 10.05pm Knowsley Council and partners including the Michael Causer Foundation will be displaying the Rainbow flag on the Our Place Youth facility electronic light wall Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park in Huyton.

Michael Causer Foundation has been invited to an event in Knowsley at their Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park to launch the PRIDE 2016 “Coming Out of the Shadows” project ahead of the annual Liverpool PRIDE Festival.

Liverpool Pride 2016 aims to make Merseyside the most visibly LGBT friendly City Region in the UK.  As part of this fantastic initiative Knowsley has agreed to be the catalyst to light up prominent buildings and landmarks in the week leading up to Liverpool PRIDE 2016 using the colours from the iconic LGBT rainbow flag.

On Friday 22nd July, from 9.30pm to 10.05pm Knowsley Council and partners will be initiating the Liverpool City Region light up, by displaying the Rainbow flag on the Our Place Youth facility electronic light wall. The light wall which is a spectacular display is annexed to Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, Longview Dr, Huyton, Liverpool L36 6EG.

Following the launch event in Knowsley the other City Region boroughs’ will then be lighting up their prominent buildings and landmarks each night each night between the 23rd and 31st July. In Knowsley, this will include the Greystone Road Bridge across the M62. 

This short but important launch ceremony will consist of:

9.30pm – Gathering at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park Atrium – light refreshments

9.40 – Speeches

  • Councillor Byron – Elected Member Champion for Equality and Diversity
  • Liverpool PRIDE Representative
  • Our Place Young Person
  • Gary Millar – Chair of Michael Causer Foundation

9.50 – Our Place Young Persons Performance

9:55 – Gathering at the Knowsley Leisure and Culture/Our Place Youth facility forecourt

10:00 – Rainbow colours light up display:

Colour Meaning

  •   Red = Life
  •   Orange = Healing
  •   Yellow = Sunlight
  •   Green = Nature
  •   Indigo/blue = Serenity/harmony/artistry
  •   Violet = Spirit

10.05pm – Closing remarks – Marie Causer

As a prominent supporter of Diversity and Equality Michael Causer Foundation, it’s Trustees and it’s Patrons are pleased to be involved in this launch event for PRIDE 2016.

If you want more details about the event please contact Paul Peng at Paul.Peng@knowsley.gov.uk

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